Change in Shopping

Since the development of technology, e-commerce has become more widespread internationally. People use many of their needs by shopping online. Especially during this pandemic period, when we live in corona virus-induced life, many of us stay in our homes but at the same time our needs continue. We prefer the internet to buy our needs. Before coronavirus, online shopping was preferred very often but not as same as recently times. For example, when I buy a book, I compare the price of that book in store with the price of the online sales on the internet. If I order online, I usually save both money and time. Another reason for the choice of online shopping is detailed information about the product and users’ comments. If this product is clothing, I can see body size on the internet site, technological product is enough, the problems encountered and whether it gives the money they pay.
During this pandemic, I ordered clothes from the Internet. If I’d gone to the store to do these purchases, maybe I wouldn’t have taken some of them. Because sometimes it’s hard to stop myself when I’m shopping online. I can’t imagine if I really need the products which are ordered by me. The negative side of online shopping is unemployment. When online shopping is more preferred, brands g oto decrease in the number of stores and employees.

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